Multiliteracy Mandala


The Multiliteracy Mandala reinforces the idea that literacy is an expansive, critical and complex social act. It is also deeply personal and potentially powerful. Just as there are many literacies, there are also many degrees of literacy, from functional to critical. Access to schooling is a key factor in literacy learning, yet there are many paths to literacy in informal settings. This is especially true as contemporary societies shift between oral, alphabetic, gestural and digital literacy forms.

In the collaborative spirit of a wiki, the Multiliteracy Mandala encourages deep and critical thinking about the elements of literacy in a digital world. The Multiliteracy Mandala tool encourages you to think deeply about the literacy attributes needed in contemporary society and to create a multiliteracy mandala that expresses your vision.

There are two ways to edit, create and post your own version of the Multiliteracy Mandala. You can click on the "Create a Multiliteracy Mandala" link to edit the original mandala in the series. Or visit the Gallery to view and edit all the mandalas posted to the site.  Either choice engages you in the process of thinking about literacy. Please comment about your choices when you save your mandala to the Gallery.